Black Hills State University in partnership with Sanford Lab, is constructing a cleanroom and adjoining workspace at the 4850’ level of the Sanford Lab for multidisciplinary research.

The BHSU Underground Campus will enable research in many disciplines including physics, biology, geology/environmental physical science as well as education and outreach opportunities. The initial use of the BHSU Underground Campus will be for:

  • Ultra-sensitive physics detectors for assay of materials
  • A staging area for biologists studying microbes in situ
  • Geologists studying rock formations and groundwater
  • Student-based short-term projects from a variety of disciplines

Student Opportunities
The BHSU Underground Campus will be a unique research environment for students, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Through BHSU faculty members across many disciplines with active research projects in the underground campus, students will be given access to valuable underground experiences that would not be possible without the BHSU Underground Campus.

For more information, contact:
Brianna Mount

Contact Info

Brianna Mount
Phone: 605.642.6094

Black Hills State University
1200 University St. Unit 9008
Spearfish, SD, USA 57799-9008